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Should you join the architecture course? People speak! 

When considering whether to enroll in the course of architecture or not, opinions of the graduates are strikingly divided, as was revealed in a recent Instagram poll. These mixed responses highlight the challenging yet potentially rewarding nature of a career in architecture.

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An Architect Eats Samosa

ArchitectureLive! continues with Alimentative Architecture – The fifth in a series of articles by Architect-Poet-Calligrapher H Masud Taj interfacing architecture with food via geometry.

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THE MUMBAI COASTAL ROAD | The Architect’s Agency in Engaging With a Large-Scale Development Project in the City

Authored by Mrinalini Ghadiok, as a part of her academic study in May 2023, the essay discusses the Mumbai Coastal Road project and the role of architects in engaging with large-scale development projects in cities. She analyzes how architects can act as both professionals and citizens to influence projects through organized collectives while maintaining individual agency. She further examines different views on an architect’s responsibility to society and how their identity and work in commercial vs. critical practice impacts their ability to effect change.

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It’s Time for Urban Design

Harshad Bhatia emphasizes the importance of urban design in enhancing habitats by considering the interdependence between whole and parts over time and that there is no standardized definition of urban design.

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Featured Works
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The Stoic Wall Residence, Kerala, by LIJO.RENY.architects

Immersed within the captivating embrace of a hot and humid tropical climate, ‘The Stoic Wall Residence’ harmoniously combines indoor and outdoor living. Situated in Kadirur, Kerala, amidst its scorching heat, incessant monsoon rains, and lush vegetation, this home exemplifies the art of harmonizing with nature.

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Future Trajectories | Dialogues

Your project is not just a building; it's a story



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डिझाईनच्या दुनियेत: The World of Design

The World of Design: डिझाईन म्हणजे काय ? हा प्रश्न समोर आला म्हणजे आपल्या मनात अनेक समज-गैरसमज निर्माण होतात. कपड्यांवरचे डिझाईन, रांगोळीचे डिझाईन, बाटलीचे डिझाईन, घराचे डिझाईन, मोबाईलचे डिझाईन अशा एक ना अनेक मानवनिर्मित गोष्टींचे उल्लेख करताना आपण डिझाईन हा शब्द सहज वापरतो.

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Interior Design

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Deep Mahal, Kamshet, by Studio ANHAD

Located in Kamshet, Deep Mahal by Studio ANHAD is a house following a typical traditional spatial planning system- a modern abode with updated amenities while staying firmly rooted in the traditional ethos.

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Highly Modern Space designed at Park Street Bangalore, by Signa Design

Highly Modern Space designed at Park Street Bangalore, by Signa Design

It’s a tricky thing really, to design a space that is modern and muted yet vividly engaging. But for a young couple in Bangalore that’s exactly what was done. Located in Park Square, the three-bedroom apartment is in a quiet neighbourhood of the city. The client also wanted the space to echo a casual chic vibe. Darshana Patel and Rashmin Perla, Principal Designers, Signa Design were up for the challenge.

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Opinions / Views / Thoughts

Popular Stories​

Institutional Buildings

Small Residential Projects

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Bevina Mane (Neem House), Belgaum, by ENSO

Bevina Mane, translating into Neem House in Kannada, is a farmhouse designed by ENSO in Belgaum, Karnataka. The highly contoured site was chosen for the views of the green farmland and view of the sunset. The design embraces the site’s existing topography and trees including the neem trees.

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Your project is not just a building, it's a story!


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