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डिझाईनच्या दुनियेत: The World of Design

The World of Design: डिझाईन म्हणजे काय ? हा प्रश्न समोर आला म्हणजे आपल्या मनात अनेक समज-गैरसमज निर्माण होतात. कपड्यांवरचे डिझाईन, रांगोळीचे डिझाईन, बाटलीचे डिझाईन, घराचे डिझाईन, मोबाईलचे डिझाईन अशा एक ना अनेक मानवनिर्मित गोष्टींचे उल्लेख करताना आपण डिझाईन हा शब्द सहज वापरतो.

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Interior Design

Earth House, at Kanakapura, Bangalore, India, by Svamitva Architecture Studio

Earth House, at Kanakapura, Bangalore, India, by Svamitva Architecture Studio

Situated in a 28 acre site, the Terravana also called the Earth house is a design intervention that travels along the lines of earth and sustainability. In a plot size of 34.4×60 ft the unit focuses on a minimum footprint integrated with greenery. The interior setting transcends with the Pairing of age old technique of lime plastering with mid-century themed furniture. With delicately chosen décor that complements the theme of wellness and the colour palette of natural tones exhibits strength, sound and health. – Svamitva Architecture Studio

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Printo – Retail Outlet at Bangalore by InFORM Architects Pvt. Ltd.

It soon became apparent with the study that the only modular elements in the Store were the Machines themselves! And the changing nature of Store Profiles would engender requirements for differing forms of CID & ISW. Extending this concept to its extremity, the Machines were located in an Island [the Technical Zone] with the CID on one side and the ISW on the other.

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Penthouse Pāfekuto-Conarch Architects

Penthouse Pāfekuto, at Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, by Conarch Architects

Designed by Conarch Architects, Penthouse Pāfekuto is a pied-à-terre for a family, a resting place to facilitate their frequent visits to the city. Designed as a lively and a sensual world, it is a multi-level penthouse with 8000 square feet of indoor area and 6000 square feet of outdoor space spread across three levels. The design vision is centred on transforming generic apartment units into a functional, versatile and inspiring living space that honours client specific needs and reflects their lifestyle.

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Opinions / Views / Thoughts

Popular Stories​

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Book – People called Mumbai by People Place Project

Conceptualised and published by People Place Project, and curated by Nisha Nair Gupta, People Called Mumbai is a collection of 55 stories, cutting across geography and from a wide cross-section of society, detailed with snippets in the hope of providing a re-reading of the city.

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Cardamom Club, at Thekkady, Kerala, India, by Kumar La Noce

Cardamom Club at Thekkady, Kerala, India by Kumar La Noce

Set amidst expansive Cardamom plantations on steep terrain areas in Thekkady, Kerala, a set of cabins have been designed to nestle within a sea of green.  Responding to a brief for a boutique resort, the project includes five independent cabins, an outdoor pool with adjacent stepped decks and a spa block divided into three interconnected volumes all raised on stilts. – Kumar La Noce

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Institutional Buildings

Centre For Research and Development of Indegenous Technology, at Karnathu village, Himachal Pradesh, by Bhavesh Masand

Centre For Research and Development of Indegenous Technology, at Karnathu village, Himachal Pradesh, by Bhavesh Masand

From the city bar, as a drunk man returns home, he’s faced with unusual difficulties reaching home this time. During the course of his journey, he sensed his house keys slipping from his pocket in the dark highway, nonetheless he continued haltless. On arrival at home, he’s frantic in search of his lost keys to which his friend enquired- “why are you searching the keys in this light while you know it slipped on the highway?” To which the drunkard responds – “ Because this is where the light is, crazy!” – Bhavesh Masand

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Small Residential Projects

The Pavilion House, at Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, by Flyingseeds studio

The Pavilion House, at Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, by Flyingseeds studio

In the Contemporary world, the definition of a home has evolved substantially. The Expectations and demands are changing from just Comfort, aesthetics and safety of a shelter to lifestyle, luxury, statement, a work of art with personalities in their own right. It’s the Architects’ responsibility to take up this challenge to not just meet these demands but bring in traditional and global concerns consciously on the board, innovatively. – Flyingseeds studio

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The Gully Home, Chennai, by ED+ Architecture

Designed by ED+ Architecture, the Gully Home is a residential project located on a street in Chennai, overlooking the ocean. The house is designed such that it opens and offers itself to the surroundings, while also swaddling in its layers of privacy.

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Your project is not just a building, it's a story!

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