B.V.Doshi passed away on January 24, 2023

B.V. Doshi: Master Builder, My Teacher

On January 24, 2023, one of India’s most renowned architects passed away. With the passing of B.V. Doshi at the age of 95, Indian Architecture witnessed the end of an era. This tribute by Doshi’s student and later contemporary, Bimal Patel, was first published in ‘The Indian Express’.

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Reweave Kozhikode Competition Entries​

Featured Works
Oranje Castle, Lucknow, by Archohm

Oranje Castle, Lucknow, by Archohm

The Oranje castle, by Archohm is a housing project on which Archohm collaborated with the globally-renowned Dutch architectural firm MVRDV. The 7 acre site is situated in one of the upcoming areas of Lucknow, just off the Amar Shaheed path, which is the main artery connecting the city to its Airport. 

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Future Trajectories | Dialogues

Your project is not just a building; it's a story



ArchitectureLive!-Architecture in India 53

डिझाईनच्या दुनियेत: The World of Design

The World of Design: डिझाईन म्हणजे काय ? हा प्रश्न समोर आला म्हणजे आपल्या मनात अनेक समज-गैरसमज निर्माण होतात. कपड्यांवरचे डिझाईन, रांगोळीचे डिझाईन, बाटलीचे डिझाईन, घराचे डिझाईन, मोबाईलचे डिझाईन अशा एक ना अनेक मानवनिर्मित गोष्टींचे उल्लेख करताना आपण डिझाईन हा शब्द सहज वापरतो.

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Interior Design

ArchitectureLive!-Architecture in India 56

Printo – Retail Outlet at Bangalore by InFORM Architects Pvt. Ltd.

It soon became apparent with the study that the only modular elements in the Store were the Machines themselves! And the changing nature of Store Profiles would engender requirements for differing forms of CID & ISW. Extending this concept to its extremity, the Machines were located in an Island [the Technical Zone] with the CID on one side and the ISW on the other.

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Opinions / Views / Thoughts

Popular Stories​

Institutional Buildings

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Vedanya School, Gurugram, by Vijay Gupta Architects

Designed by Vijay Gupta Architects, the Vedanya School, located in Sector 48, Gurugram, sets a precedent for how architecture can positively influence children’s schooling experience. With the intent of designing a school where children are excited to learn, the design initiates a playful environment with diverse opportunities for exploration and activity.

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Amity International School, Mohali by Vijay Gupta Architects

Designed by Vijay Gupta Architects, Amity International School, Mohali is designed to embody a progressive spirit through an elevated level of spatial vibrancy. Beyond the rigid morphology of educational spaces, the aim was to create a conducive character for overall growth and development by providing with spaces to create memories and enhance the experience of learning.

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Small Residential Projects

ArchitectureLive!-Architecture in India 111

Portrait in Concrete, Delhi, by Studio Archohm

Portrait in Concrete is a residence designed by Studio Archohm on a plot of land measuring 22 x 6 metres. The design responds to the adjacent ecosystem through its concrete form that addresses residential architecture through a play of light, volumes, and proportions.

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Your project is not just a building, it's a story!


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