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As we bid adieu to 2023, we pause at this intersection to reflect on the journey of ArchitectureLive!, which fills us with astonishment, as our highlight comprises some significant milestones that we achieved, the impact made through our initiation of essential dialogues about our profession, and the growing community of our contributors and readers. In the realm of ideas, we soared—capturing the diverse voices from all verticals of our profession who contributed their voices, lending their perspective, critiques, and appreciation of not only the designs but also aligning with our vision for ALive!, allowing us to widen our canvas for every stroke that contributed to our growth.

Yet, the true marvel of our adventure lies in you—the readers who became a part of our growing community by clicking links and sharing their opinions and essays. Your engagement, curiosity, and enthusiasm shaped our narrative, and your support remained the driving force for us.

Looking forward to 2024, which is just on the brink, we extend heartfelt gratitude to the creators and community as we present you with a kaleidoscope of perspectives that resonated with you throughout the year.

Onward to new horizons with boundless creativity!


Artificial Intelligence in Architecture

Creativity in Peril?: A Panel discussion on Artificial Intelligence in Architecture, where we ask, Can AI Compete with the Human Touch?

The panel discussion moderate by Abhishek Bij, from Design Plus, and participants include, Aflah Habeeb (MAP, Kerala), Anas Eranhikkal (MAP, Kerala), Dr. Anuradha Chatterjee (
Professor and Dean, School of Design and Innovation, RV University), and, Dr. Ayodh Kamath (Kamath Design Studio).

AI in Action: A Panel discussion on Artificial Intelligence in Architecture, where we discuss opportunities, threats and potential of Artificial Intelligence in Architecture Studios.

Panel Discussion moderated by Ankon Mitra from Hexagramm, with Panelists Madhav Raman from Anagram Architects, Seeja Sudhakaran from Studio Emergence and Shubhra Raje from sr_be.

From the Team of ArchitectureLive!

Future Trajectories

Future Trajectories is a series dedicated to the people behind Promising Young Architectural Practices.

Gender Parity

The Gender Parity: Architecture Profession in Post-Binary India initiative strives to promote gender inclusivity within the profession (practice and academia).

Maverick Shutterbugs 2.0

Maverick Shutterbugs 2.0 is a series dedicated to architectural photographers capturing the built environment.

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2023: A Wrap Up 1

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