Interior Design

House S in Banglore by Design Integratus

House S, Bangalore, by Design Integratus

Designed on a small site in Bangalore, House S by Design Integratus is designed on a tight budget and in response to its densely populated context. The house is divided into three zones vertically- the private (second floor), public (first and upper ground) and semi public (ground and lower ground) zones.

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The Gully Home, Chennai, by ED+ Architecture

Designed by ED+ Architecture, the Gully Home is a residential project located on a street in Chennai, overlooking the ocean. The house is designed such that it opens and offers itself to the surroundings, while also swaddling in its layers of privacy.

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Garuda Logistics Office at Gurgaon by Aditya Bhardwaj Design Studio

Garuda Logistics Office at Gurgaon, by Aditya Bhardwaj Design Studio

The design for Garuda Logistics was developed keeping in mind the office space for the young team. Different zones of the office are partitioned in a way to achieve transparency and a sense of openness, at the same time maintaining privacy. This open office design also allows natural light to reach deeper areas and create controlled visual connections between outside and inside to bring dynamics of the outdoors in the space.

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