Mruduman Apartments, Rajkot, Gujarat, by Dhulia Architecture Design Studio

Mruduman Apartments, Rajkot, Gujarat, by Dhulia Architecture Design Studio

Dhulia Architecture Design Studio designed the interiors of 'Mruduman Apartments'- a four-storeyed family home as a minimalistic take on the traditional Indian home.
Mruduman Apartments, Rajkot, Gujarat, by Dhulia Architecture Design Studio

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‘Mruduman Apartments’, a four-storeyed family home, was revamped by Dhulia Architecture Design Studio, completely to flood the interiors with light and fresh air. It is a minimalistic take on the traditionalism of Indian homes. The rich marble flooring, wooden furniture with intricate detailing and upholstery in the hues of light greyish – indigo brings this space to life.

Like every Indian home, the living room has been designed to accommodate a maximum number of people while keeping the furniture majorly off the floor. The TV unit is suspended from two shorter walls, keeping it independent from the floor and the longer wall. The longer wall forms an eye-catching backdrop of black and pink slate stone. The wall opposite this is a huge window overlooking the cityscape.

The dining and kitchen are on a perpendicular axis allowing a good flow of spaces. We knocked down the wall between the dining and the kid’s room to accommodate daily requirements into the partition. From the dining side, there are niches to house a key manager, bills, TV, wifi router, bills etc, while from the kid’s side, a shutter opens up to form a dressing unit. Ideas of compact living have been adopted for the home to feel more spacious.

In totality, the entire house including the bedrooms reflects the minimalistic approach we believe in. The spaces are vibrant yet simple, filled with colours that compliment the tone yet never highlight too much.

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