Shunyo, Bangalore by The Purple Ink Studio

Shunyo, Bangalore, by The Purple Ink Studio

‘Shunyo’, Bangalore, designed by The Purple Ink Studio, aims to create an inspiring story of simplicity and the esoteric.
Shunyo, Bangalore by The Purple Ink Studio

The Background: Housed on the top floor of ‘Axis Vanam’, a project that was designed with the idea of condensing the gap between the built and greens, ‘Shunyo’ looks to create an inspiring story of simplicity and the esoteric. Designed with the intent to activate a surrealistic experience scattered between time and space, it serves as a multifaceted living pod where passions take a stance ahead and above bare necessities.

Use: The 1000 sqft unit plan was reconfigured, opening up spaces to accentuate the multi-usability of all the areas. With a multitude of spaces that can adapt to various functions from being a full-fledged home to an art gallery, hosting a chef’s table or a party, the entire pod allows a seamless transition between all the areas, with art at its centerstage.

Experience: Upon entering, one is immersed within the purity of the material palate, which is left bare, minimal and sometimes untouched. Conceptualized with Black undertones of Grey, the pod looks at exploring two completely different spatial experiences.

With the spaces bringing in a lot of natural light during the day, the light bounces off the concrete surfaces often highlighting the relationship with the outdoors, through the 2 long decks that are favoured by green pockets.

The intentional contrast between the Black Walls, Cast-in situ furniture and the fabrics is highlighted when the light goes down, setting the mood for an intimate, and sometimes theatrical experience.

Design: With a large Monolithic Cast-in situ Concrete Table placed centrally, it holds the long perspective of the living space together, often blurring the lines between cooking, dining and entertainment. The lighter variables like the bar stools and sofa are planned to allow various possibilities in the use of purpose each time, allowing the user greater exploration of the space.

The lobby is treated as a buffer space, allowing the user to pause and connect to the free-hand art done on the wall, which has many stories to offer. The life-size art leads the user/visitor into a sleep-play space, which is rearrangeable and playful. The furniture is multifunctional and can change as per the user’s requirement, making it an interactive lounging space or an end-to-end giant bed when required.

On the other side, the use of the continued Black from the living allows a seamless transition between the central living into the bedroom. This area forms an unhindered space with limited furniture, balancing the “chiaroscuro” between the natural light and dark surfaces of the furniture and artwork. The interiors make way for the greens to come in and blend seamlessly with all the spaces. The extended cantilevered spaces, in the form of balconies and planter boxes, add to the overall greenery of the space.

Dramatic bath spaces on either side complement the sleeping pods.

Materiality :
With the rawness of the concrete slab as the main canvas, the polished concrete floor adds a partially refined character to the entire space. The overlay of Black is used effectively to inject a sense of warmth into the space.

The Central Monolithic Table is cast in situ with local masons using manual grinding, honing and polishing, and forms a symbiotic relationship with the rest of the cooking space, which is also cast in polished concrete.

The furniture pieces are all custom-made locally and crafted in a combination of wood, dark polish and blackboard paint. The use of simple dhari carpets and white linen sheer softens the impact of the concrete and portrays the seductive side of the space.

With the overall experience coming together as a succession of narratives where all the spaces take up many roles, ‘Shunyo’ looks to capture this energy in its own esoteric approach.



Project Facts

Project Name: Shunyo
Location: Bengaluru
Gross Area: 1000 sqft
Interiors and Landscape: The Purple Ink Studio
Design Team: Akshay Heranjal, Arpita Pai, Nishita Bhatia, Aditi Pai, Jaikumar, Priyanka Bankapur, Sharanya, Amal, Yashvi, Kavya, Siddharth
Client: Inner Challenges Pvt Ltd
Photography Credits: Niveditaa Gupta, Delhi
Interior Contractor: MM Interiors Mumbai

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