Kulkarni Residence, Barwani, by Bandhaan

Kulkarni Residence, Barwani, Madhya Pradesh, by Bandhaan

Bandhaan did the interiors of the Kulkarni Residence in Barwani, Madhya Pradesh, seeking inspiration from natural finishes, earthy tones and local art.
Kulkarni Residence, Barwani, by Bandhaan

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Vibrant, earthy and connected to nature- this home in Barwani is the perfect example of the new generation of mid-rise, mid-size, budget-friendly homes that are coming up!


Incorporating local tribal Gond art of M.P. along with a range of natural finishes- Indian stone flooring with inlay work, teakwood and brick- highlight the spaces beautifully.

Each room has access to an outdoor space, be it the family garden or a private terrace and are all naturally ventilated. The house has a sculptural form with terraces stepping down to allow for views and greenery to creep in.

The compound wall is equally sculptural- incorporating a mix of planters and walls at varying heights. The interior and exterior form a symbiotic relationship to contemporary living rooted in nature.


Project Facts

Project Category: Architecture- Interior Design
Location: Barwani, Madhya Pradesh, India
Plot Area: 260 sq m/ 2800 sq ft
Built-up Area: 340 sq m/ 3660 sq ft
Cost: INR 63 lacs
Principal Architect: Aditi Dora
Photography: Palak Dikania
Interior Styling: Mish&Co.

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