Spirituality in Architecture Education Book

Book: Spirituality in Architectural Education

The book, Spirituality in Architectural Education addresses many important philosophical, disciplinary, pedagogic, and practical questions. Grounded on the twelve-year-old Walton Critic Program at the Catholic University of America School of Architecture and Planning, this book offers solid arguments and insightful reflections on the role that “big questions” and spiritual sensibility ought to play in the architectural academy today.

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Edgar Demello Drawing for book - Architecture Travelogues

Architecture Travelogues: Drawing between the lines, book by Edgar Demello

The Architecture Travelogues, by Edgar Demello, are a compilation of diverse forays into familiar as well as uncharted terrain. By train, bus, by foot and bicycle and at times with a hitchhiker’s board. They are based on notes and sketches as well as on recall. In the reconstructions, reality often meets fiction, creating a map that is partly an imprint and partly ephemeral. The accretive experiences of people, places, and cultures were akin to life’s finishing school.

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