Book Announcement | Gender Parity: Architecture Profession in Post-Binary India

ArchitectureLive!, in association with launch partner Seed, is presenting its findings from the Gender Parity survey in the form of a book- Gender Parity: Architecture Profession in Post-Binary India.

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Of the survey respondents who reported experiencing sexual or gender-based harassment or discrimination, 73% did not/ could not confide or formally report the incident.

This number is not based on conjecture. The statistic is instead the finding from an ongoing Pan-India survey- making it all the more disheartening. Our findings from an exhaustive list of questions pertaining to gender parity in architecture encouraged us to present a book dedicated to the gender parity survey. A collection of raw first-hand experiences, thought-provoking essays, articles and survey findings turned into a book- Gender Parity: Architecture Profession in Post-Binary India.

We are thrilled to announce that we are launching the physical and digital versions of the book at Mattancherry, Kochi, as part of SEEDGEIST, with Launch Partner SEED and Content Partner Leewardists, on April 08 2023. Discussing Gender Disparity in Architecture in its various forms and dimensions, we hope the booklet will inspire architects, educators, policymakers, and students to take bold action to create a more diverse and inclusive profession.

Stay tuned as we share more updates about the book.
(In the meantime, our survey is nearing the end of its first phase. If you are a practising architect, a student, an academician or anyone with a background in architecture- please make sure that you have filled out our forms, currently live at

Book Information

Publisher: ArchiSHOTS
Launch Partner: Seed – APJ Abdul Kalam School of Environmental Design

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