Future Trajectories
Unfolding India’s Young Architecture

Future Trajectories: Unfolding India's Young Architecture is a collection of works of young architectural practices in India that are redefining the architectural landscape of India. Through conversations, essays and interviews, the book explores the past, present and future of Indian Architecture.

Scheduled for release in January 2024, the upcoming book, ‘Future Trajectories: Unfolding India’s Young Architecture’, takes a critical look at the evolution of contemporary Indian architecture. The publication, through conversations, essays, and interviews contributed by design professionals, academicians, and theorists, aims to investigate some of the groundbreaking work by Indian architectural practices set in diverse contexts and invested in creating a meaningful built environment.

Young architects are redefining the architectural landscape of India with their works- many young practices have been able to move past the barriers and set new benchmarks. While exploring what lies ahead, the book will also discuss the past to assess the trajectory of contemporary Indian architecture.

With a foreword by Dr A. Srivathsan, Future Trajectories will be edited by Meghal Arya (Arya Architects) and Rajesh Advani (ArchitectureLive!).

Image used on the Book’s Cover: Jai Jagat Theatre, by SEALAB, Ahmedabad

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