Urban Design

It’s Time for Urban Design

Harshad Bhatia emphasizes the importance of urban design in enhancing habitats by considering the interdependence between whole and parts over time and that there is no standardized definition of urban design.

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Hyderabad’s Flooded Dreams: Climate Change and Resilience

The essay, Hyderabad’s Flooded Dreams: Climate Change and Resilience, talks about the impact of climate change on Hyderabad, focusing on urban flooding and resilience. It narrates a flood incident in a neighbourhood, highlighting how the city’s rapid urbanization and poor drainage infrastructure exacerbate the problem. The essay by Kulsum Nafisa was awarded the best of top three prizes.

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Walkable Malleswaram, Bengaluru by Sensing Local

Walkable Malleswaram, Bengaluru, by Sensing Local – Malleswaram project was one of the first projects conceived by Malleswaram Urban Living Lab (M-ULL) in 2020 and received funding and implementation support from the government (BBMP and DULT)  in January 2021.

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LIGOVSKY CITY, at St.Petersburg, Russia, by KCAP+ORANGE and A.Len

LIGOVSKY CITY, at St.Petersburg, Russia, by KCAP+ORANGE and A.Len Architects

KCAP+ORANGE Architects in consortium with A.Len Architectural Bureau prepared a proposal for the territory planning of the former Tovarno-Vitebskaya railway yard in the south-eastern part of the grey belt of St. Petersburg. This project is a continuation of the Glorax Development’s Ligovsky City neighborhood development project, where the first residential complex is already in operation while the second one is nearing completion. The area under consideration, 30 hectares, is well connected to city. In the North, in close proximity to the site,is planned to build a metro station “Borovaya”.

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Skywalk at ITO - Design Forum International

The Skywalk at ITO, New Delhi – Whose design is it anyway?

The much-touted skywalk at ITO, New Delhi was recently inaugurated and made open for public use. But there is also a controversy surrounding it. No, not the one about why AAP was kept away from the inauguration. This is about the allegations of plagiarism and professional misconduct.

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