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Mohamaddi Park Housing Competition -Sameep Padora

Mohameddi Park Housing Competition – Sameep Padora and Associates

In this competition, the plots under consideration were separated by a thoroughfare, and the Mosques were to be the anchor points of this community development. After various iterations of grid planning, street development, row house development, etc., we settled upon a mixed cluster development plan. – Sameep Padora and Associates

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Eco Bench Competition – Biodiversity Park, Aravali, Gurgaon-Horizon Design Studio Pvt Ltd

The biodiversity park is located at Gurgaon Delhi border and the site is one of very few open space left in continuously expanding  Gurgaon city. The site is actually an over exploited stone quarries, work on which were banned by Indian Supreme Court in early 1990s. The aravali range is Aravali range is dividing South Delhi from Gurgaon and it is very significant in every team for both Delhi and Gurgaon to have some “Breathing Space”. – Horizon Design Studio Pvt Ltd

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