Architects in Delhi

Hilton Hotel at Kathmandu, by Studio Symbiosis Architects

Hilton Hotel, Kathmandu, by Studio Symbiosis Architects

Hilton Hotel, Kathmandu, by Studio Symbiosis Architects located in the heart of Kathmandu valley, is a fusion of the rich heritage of Nepal interwoven with contemporary spaces and maximizing the breath-taking views of the Himalayan mountain range visible from Kathmandu valley.

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IIT Gandhinagar

Guesthouse at IIT Gandhinagar, by Neeraj Manchanda Architects

Designed in a vocabulary inspired by location, the IIT Gandhinagar Guest House by Delhi-based Neeraj Manchanda Architects provides an attractive physical environment to the Institute’s guests, visiting faculty and scholars. Megha Pande from ArchitectureLive! interacted with the firm’s founder and managing partner, Neeraj Manchanda, to understand the project’s development, from the concept stage to its execution.

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Harappa, Delhi, by common Ground practice

common Ground practice designed the interiors for two Delhi-based offices of Harappa- an online learning institution. The design of the project, recalls the technologically advanced Harappan Civilization known for its world-class planning and efficiency and an extraordinary level of mass standardization.

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Mirambika School by SHiFt Studios, Delhi

Mirambika School, New Delhi by SHiFt: STUDIO FOR HABITAT FUTURE

Mirambika School, by SHifT Architects, is a ‘free progress’ school where the stress is on child-centric value-oriented education. There is a very light curriculum that is customized to each child, no strong subject divides, and no mainstream examination or testing – instead, there is continuous and ongoing feedback and evaluation. 

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