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ANT Studio, New Delhi

In the Mountains, Mukteshwar, by ANT Studio


About the Studio

We’re a miscellany of Architecture, Nature and Technology inspired by the teamwork and intelligence of Ants. Pondering upon the intersections of art, architecture and design. Through our trans-disciplinary approach in our projects, we push for Designs that go beyond functional and aesthetic concerns to concoct an affiliation between the built and nature. As a research-driven studio, emphasis is given to material exploration and advanced tools, tethering labour-intensive construction strategies with technology.

Our Endeavour

Our purpose is to be able to design and generate the desired experience by sculpting the spaces.

Our pivotal goal is to fabricate and augment the intangible and generate an essence of allure in experiencing the space that we engender.

Ant Studio served and will serve as an amalgamation between architecture and technology, research and its application, craft and precision engineering, art and computational design and cement all these to yield mainstream affirmative results.

Our sole motive is to bring our creativity to life without distancing ourselves from nature.

About the Founder

Monish Kumar Siripurapu, founder and principal architect of ANT Studio, New Delhi, works at the confluence of Art, Nature, and Technology (ANT). He heads a team that’s principally involved in research on the application of biomimicry, where Art literally imitates Life. Natural phenomena inspire their designs which, in turn, translate into civil projects that are sustainable, economical, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally benign.

After graduating in 2009 from the School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), in New Delhi, Monish qualified in 2015 for a JN Tata Scholarship. Under their auspices, he attended the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), in Spain, under their Open Thesis Fabrication programme. He returned to India with a PG Diploma in Robotic Fabrication and fresh insights into the integration of new technologies into architectural projects.

ANT Studio’s flagship product, the CoolANT cooling systems, won them a prize at United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP) Asia Pacific Low Carbon Footprint Challenge. Its material, cost, construction, and post-life cycle tick every box in ANT Studio’s design philosophy.

Today, Monish is a globally recognised and acclaimed architect and designer. His simple, intuitive designs draw praise and admiration from professional peers and customers alike. ANT Studio, under his leadership, has won widespread fame and recognition in the sustainable development fraternity. He has lectured and exhibited his creations at such prestigious gatherings as the World Environment Day – 2018 event in New Delhi, the prestigious 361 Degrees Conference in Mumbai, and a TEDx event. He also inspires students of the IIMs and IITs with his speeches and exhibitions. Most cherished of all, however, is the close connection that he nurtures with his alma mater, the School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), where he is a member of the visiting faculty.

Design is Monish’s passion, his work and play, and he currently has patents pending on two of his creations.

Key works by ANT Studio

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