Vedanya School, Gurugram, by Vijay Gupta Architects

Designed by Vijay Gupta Architects, the Vedanya School, located in Sector 48, Gurugram, sets a precedent for how architecture can positively influence children’s schooling experience. With the intent of designing a school where children are excited to learn, the design initiates a playful environment with diverse opportunities for exploration and activity.

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School in Mumbai, JDAP | Jude D'Souza

School in Mumbai, JDAP | Jude D’Souza

A school for girls in suburban Mumbai needed an expanded space for the children in their kindergarten section. The administration owned a plot of land adjacent to the main school, however, this was taken up by a residential building that they occupied. When structural drawings of the building revealed that it could take on an additional floor, it was decided to extend the existing structure, rather than take down the entire building and construct anew. Regulation demanded that an additional staircase was necessary to accommodate this public function. – Jude D’Souza

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Mallya Aditi International School Pool House

Mallya Aditi International School Poolhouse at Bangalore by MayaPraxis

Mallya Aditi International School Poolhouse at Bangalore by MayaPraxis: The swimming pool structure, commissioned by the Mallya Aditi International School in its campus in Yelahanka, Bangalore, was conceptualised from the form of the swimming-diving body. Starting from this idea, the simple space and functions of the swimming pool were enclosed by an elegant structure, its materials chosen to support and span across concrete columns and steel roof. The 25mx 32 m wide pool structure was spanned using boat shaped trusses, supported at the ends by light steel brackets emerging from in between the two split concrete columns. The beauty of trusses was enhanced by skylights that extend along their length. From this basic requirement, the design brings art and engineering together by folding both into its intent.

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