Quote by Himanshu Burte on Library Spaces

Preface: In and Out of the Library – Himanshu Burte on Library Spaces

More concretely, the single library can be imagined as the space a network creates. It may be imagined as a network of various dispersed
book lovers and readers tied to it. That thought takes us places. What if the larger space within which a particular library sits is actually a
cumulative super-network of users of other libraries, in a larger network of libraries?

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Charles Correa


Charles Correa, legendary architect from India passed away yesterday night at the age of 84. Behind he has left immense inspiration in the form of

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Inhuman architecture - Hugo Keukelhaus

Senseless Architecture

Review of the book, ‘Inhuman Architecture’ by Hugo Keukelhaus (1974) translated by Elmar Schenkel and published by Studio Naqshbandi, Auroville, 2007. Himanshu Burte, is an architect

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The Real Fallingwater?

About The Author   Himanshu Burte, is an architect and an Assistant Professor at the School of Habitat Studies, at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.

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