Residence 568, Panchkula, Haryana, by Charged Voids

The concept of the project evolved from a close analysis of the family setups of large Indian families in the urban context, thus striving for a perfect balance between private and public spaces and also the interrelation between the generations.

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Residence 1065, Chandigarh, by Charged Voids

Located in the Corbusian city of Chandigarh, Residence 1065 by Charged Voids is an embodiment of the Congrès Internationaux d’Architecture Moderne, or the CIAM’s principles of modern architecture. Using an open plan and facades that appear to float, the home is designed for a multi-generational family and attempts to fuse traditional spatial planning with modern aesthetics.

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Office 543, Mohali, by Charged Voids

Office 543 was designed by Charged Voids on a tight, 140-sqm plot in a busy commercial district in Mohali, Punjab. The narrow building, closed from two sides, has openings through two courtyards and multiple skylights, thereby maintaining optimum daylight and ventilation. An oval-shaped private meeting area emerges from the intersecting geometry of straight lines and an ellipse, resolving a complex design brief on the small footprint and creating a free-flowing spatial sequence.

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