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Mangalore | The Old Order of Changeth

As the dawn breaks over Mangalore, M. Gopakumar shares his poetic journey through its streets, where stately houses whisper tales of bygone eras, cricket fields harbor hidden delights, and the aroma of milky tea mingles with the essence of nostalgia.

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Publicness As An Architectural Act – Case Of Museum of Art and Photography and Bangalore International Centre

In their insightful analysis of Bangalore’s contemporary architectural landscape, Surabhi and Ramalakshmi, from Samvad Design Studio, delve into the nuanced public intent and architectonic qualities of two prominent buildings. With keen observations, they dissect the Museum of Art and Photography (MAP) and the Bangalore International Centre (BIC), revealing their spatial strategies and societal implications.

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Metoo and architecture

Architecture, #MeToo and India

In his poignant exploration of the #MeToo movement’s impact on architecture, Rajesh Luthra delves into the complex interplay of power, morality, and artistic integrity. Through the cases of renowned architects Richard Meier and Sir David Adjaye, Luthra provokes reflection on the ethical dilemmas inherent in separating the art from the artist.

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“I am not interested in ‘forgotten heroes,’ at least not in architecture.” – Pier Paolo Tamburelli, about his book, On Bramante, in conversation with Shreyank Khemalapure

Pier Paolo Tamburelli talks about his new book, On Bramante. The interview was conducted in May 2023 at Baukuh in Milan, by Shreyank Khemalapure. The interview is centred around some of the questions and ideas about architecture brought up in the book—On Bramante. Pier Paolo Tamburelli is one of the partners at Baukuh and one of the founding editors of the influential magazine—San Rocco.

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Cept convocation Bimal Patel

“I am very happy to report that over the last eleven and a half years, all of us at CEPT have been able to comprehensively transform CEPT and strengthen it, while remaining true to its foundational values.” Dr. Bimal Patel

As CEPT University celebrated its 18th convocation ceremony on January 20, 2024, Dr. Bimal Patel’s address highlighted the significant transformations and achievements of the university during his tenure as the President and Acting Director of the university, that has come to an end.

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Building in Kolkata – A perspective with Abin Design Studio and M.N. Consultants

In conversation with Abin Design Studio and M.N. Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Deepika Srivastava explores what is it like to build an architectural practice in Kolkata, a city that does not have a celebrated architectural legacy, apart from the ones left by the British, and the sense of looking up to an “iconic” building or a “guru”, which is a critical aspect of architectural education in cities like Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and Delhi, is also completely missing.

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Non Aesthetic Modernity

“Mehta’s discourse exemplifies authorship and individuation… ” Rajat Ray reviews Jaimini Mehta’s book titled ‘Non-Aesthetic Modernity: Metaphysics of Modern Architecture’

Rajat Ray reviews the book ‘Non-Aesthetic Modernity: Metaphysics of Modern Architecture’, authored by Jaimini Mehta. In the book, Mehta argues that modernity is not limited to the radical modernist movement and the ideology of “modernism” that emerged in Europe during the 18th century.

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On Mithi and Mumbai.  Mrinalini Ghadiok talks about “What Does Mithi Want?” in her dissertation.

What Does the Mithi Want? – Academic Research by Mrinalini Ghadiok

Mrinalini Ghadiok, in her post-graduate dissertation titled “What Does the Mithi Want?”, suggests reframing questions to unlock novel solutions for the issues related to the Mithi River. By exploring alternative questions, she aims to shift the way we understand the river and its place in the discussion. The dissertation was a part of her Master of Arts in History and Critical Thinking programme from the Architectural Association School of Architecture in 2023.

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Prem Chandavarkar on 6 Metros: Urban Planning & Implementation Compared

“A book that is unquestionably worthwhile and can be considered a milestone in the field.” Prem Chandavarkar on 6 Metros: Urban Planning & Implementation Compared

Prem Chandavarkar reviews “6 Metros: Urban Planning & Implementation Compared” by Sirish Patel, Oormi Kapadia, and Jasmine Saluja. Divided into two volumes, Signposts and Mappings, they provide a groundbreaking comparative study of urban planning across six global cities. The book, spanning London, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Delhi, and Mumbai, offers a dispassionate overview, presenting a humanist perspective and utilizing a unique two-volume structure.

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An Architect Eats Medu Vada

An Architect Eats Medu Vada

ArchitectureLive! continues with Alimentative Architecture – The fourth in a series of articles by Architect-Poet-Calligrapher H Masud Taj interfacing architecture with food via geometry.

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SECMOL School In Leh:

SECMOL School In Leh: A Role Model of Vernacular, Passive and Sustainable Hill Architecture–defined by Local Culture, Local Skill, Local Materials, and Local Technology

A comprehensive exploration of Ladakh’s SECMOL campus, Jit Kumar Gupta delves into its innovative passive solar architecture, use of local materials, and sustainable practices, showcasing how the institute stands as a model for climate-responsive and energy-efficient built environments in challenging terrains.

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State of Architecture Education

What do Numbers Reveal about Architecture Admissions and the State of Education?

In this comprehensive analysis of architecture admissions and education, A. Srivathsan and Chirayu Bhatt reveal a concerning decline in enrolment figures, emphasizing the need for radical changes in the regulatory framework, autonomy for institutions, and a reevaluation of the profession’s role to address the structural issues and ensure the quality of architectural education.

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