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Non Aesthetic Modernity

“Mehta’s discourse exemplifies authorship and individuation… ” Rajat Ray reviews Jaimini Mehta’s book titled ‘Non-Aesthetic Modernity: Metaphysics of Modern Architecture’

Rajat Ray reviews the book ‘Non-Aesthetic Modernity: Metaphysics of Modern Architecture’, authored by Jaimini Mehta. In the book, Mehta argues that modernity is not limited to the radical modernist movement and the ideology of “modernism” that emerged in Europe during the 18th century.

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Prem Chandavarkar on 6 Metros: Urban Planning & Implementation Compared

“A book that is unquestionably worthwhile and can be considered a milestone in the field.” Prem Chandavarkar on 6 Metros: Urban Planning & Implementation Compared

Prem Chandavarkar reviews “6 Metros: Urban Planning & Implementation Compared” by Sirish Patel, Oormi Kapadia, and Jasmine Saluja. Divided into two volumes, Signposts and Mappings, they provide a groundbreaking comparative study of urban planning across six global cities. The book, spanning London, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Delhi, and Mumbai, offers a dispassionate overview, presenting a humanist perspective and utilizing a unique two-volume structure.

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Book Launch | Making Chandigarh: A Vintage History

Book | Making Chandigarh: A Vintage History

“Making of Chandigarh: A Vintage History” co-authored by Sarbjit Bahga and Arun Mirchandani offers a unique pictorial journey through 575 vintage photographs, capturing the city’s evolution from 1950 to the 1990s. With a focus on the city-making process, the book, enriched with more than 50 drawings, serves as a comprehensive tribute to the photographers and the multitude of contributors who played a crucial role in shaping Chandigarh.

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