sanjay patil


Resort for Sula Winery at nashik, by Environ Planners

The client’s vision was to extend and refurbish his heritage winery into a boutique resort nestled in an established vineyard with the panoramic dam view. Accompanying this was a desire for a hospitality experience that celebrated their wine production. He wanted a building that would engage, evoke and establish a dialogue with the exiting surroundings.

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Farmhouse at Mahiravani, Nashik by Sanjay Patil


Ar Sanjay Patil, Nashik was awarded the 2A Asia Architecture Award in Asia and Europe (Residential Architecture, third place) 2017 in a ceremony held in Berlin. He won the award for a farmhouse project at Mahiravani, Nashik (Maharashtra). Architect and writer Minaz Ansari writes about the project and the poetic connect that it has with her.

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