Lab for a Cement Factory at Goa Sachin Agshikar Architects

Lab for a Cement Factory at Goa Sachin Agshikar Architects

Designed by Sachin Agshikar Architects: The site for this little lab building is situated on the Eastern border of Goa, in the middle of a cement factory campus.  This factory, towering above the surrounding grey and dusty industrial area, had an intimidating scale. The huge mountains of raw material, the smoke, the steel structures, workers covered with fine cement powder, and the energy with which the machines worked effortlessly, was an unforgettable sight.

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Winery At Nasik

Winery at Nashik, by Sachin Agshikar Architects

This post gives information on a winery which is located in the valleys of Nasik by Sachin Agshikar Architects. The final proposal was also to have an Experience Lounge on top of the hill along with library, shop and office space. But the project is only 25 % completed to date.

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KRONHE MARSHALL - Christopher Benninger Architects

Kronhe Marshall, Re- development and Expansion of a Factory at Pune, Maharashtra, by Christopher Charles Benninger Architects

Pune based manufacturing setup KROHNE MARSHALL, is a joint venture between the Pune based Industry ‘FORBES MARSHALL’ and the Dusseldorf based German corporation , ‘KROHNE’ . The main focus of the company is to manufacture valves and associated components. Metering valves being the main product of Krohne Marshall, the equipment used to measure the flow of water through these valves is tall stainless steel tower which releases over 2 lakh liters of water in a few seconds. Not only it is the main piece of equipment but highly sensitive with acute calibrations.

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The IncMark - Renesa Architecture Studio - Noida

The IncMark – The HT-BURDA DRUCK Press Complex, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh

The HT-BURDA DRUCK Press Complex, Greater Noida: Printing is a highly strategic and intricate process, the complexity of which is reflected in the building’s multifaceted function. While the lower floor accommodates the machine bay and other working areas, the three upper floors cater to official administration use and operate on an identical spatial configuration.

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Gateway to Shri O.P.Jindal Power Plant - Revathi Kamath

Gateway to Shri O.P.Jindal Power Plant by Revathi Kamath, Kamath Design Studio

Designed by Kamath Design Studio, the gateway forms the entrance to an industrial township and power plant. Its form creates a dialogue between local tribal geometries and industrial technology. The design development was undertaken through physical and 3D digital modeling with the geometric information of the digital model being used to create CNC pre-fabricated components that were assembled on site.

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