Sako Studio, Hyderabad, by SaKo Studio Narratives


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Sako Studio, Hyderabad, by Sako Studio Narratives, Photograph by Akshay Adimula

Nestled within a dense urban neighbourhood in the heart of Hyderabad, Sako Studio is a compact 250-square-foot workspace designed for efficiency and style. Greeted by a striking large green door, the studio is divided into two rooms by a telescopic sliding door with fluted glass and continuous flooring, allowing for simultaneous use of both spaces without interference, maximizing the utility of the compact area. The ceiling has been intentionally left exposed, with open wiring, adding 9 inches of height and furthering the sense of spaciousness. The concrete textured paint and green door create an interesting elevation, making a strong impression on passersby and amplifying the street relationship. The interior blends traditional elements with a modern context, creating a unique and harmonious workspace.

Colour and Material Palette

The primary colours used for the studio are green, beige, and white, creating a soothing and natural ambience. The powder room stands out with colourful patterns, contrasting the rest of the space’s neutral and soft tones.

The material palette blends industrial elements (exposed slab and wiring, wrought iron table legs, concrete table top) along with traditional elements (Kadappa flooring, traditional columns, and wall panelling) to create a thoughtful and harmonious environment.


Positioned centrally as soon as you enter, the round discussion table with a concrete table top is a multifunctional piece of furniture that serves as a meeting hub and a dining area for the team.

A custom-designed storage wall integrates windows that bring in natural light and enhance the presence of greenery within the office. This wall cleverly houses essential equipment, such as the air conditioning unit and computer processing units (CPUs), along with ample storage for the team’s needs.

To the left is an open shelf with drawers that doubles as a bench and material display area, optimising space usage.

Main Cabin

The main cabin features a bespoke table with cast iron legs and a concrete top, blending industrial and classic aesthetics. The design keeps the space visually light, with no storage underneath. Angled windows provide maximum lighting without screen reflections, with niches for additional plants enhancing the cabin’s ambience.

Every corner of the studio is designed to tell a story. The Studio showcases the power of thoughtful design in small spaces. By blending traditional elements with modern aesthetics, we have created a dynamic, efficient, and inspiring workspace.

Project Drawings:

Project Details:

Name: Sako Studio
Location: Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Status: Completed (2023)
Site Area: 250 sq. ft.
Design Firm: SaKo Design Narratives
Team: Sangeetha Polisetti, Kondal Siddhuri
Photographs by: Akshay Adimula

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