Lab for a Cement Factory at Goa Sachin Agshikar Architects

Lab for a Cement Factory at Goa Sachin Agshikar Architects

Designed by Sachin Agshikar Architects: The site for this little lab building is situated on the Eastern border of Goa, in the middle of a cement factory campus.  This factory, towering above the surrounding grey and dusty industrial area, had an intimidating scale. The huge mountains of raw material, the smoke, the steel structures, workers covered with fine cement powder, and the energy with which the machines worked effortlessly, was an unforgettable sight.

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Winery At Nasik

Winery at Nashik, by Sachin Agshikar Architects

This post gives information on a winery which is located in the valleys of Nasik by Sachin Agshikar Architects. The final proposal was also to have an Experience Lounge on top of the hill along with library, shop and office space. But the project is only 25 % completed to date.

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Sachin Agshikar

Learning to See, with Architect Sachin Agshikar

Blame it on our fast-paced and rapidly changing lives and chaos at every step, that we forget to see around and miss out on the beauty that surrounds us. Sachin Agshikar, an architect based in Mumbai, through these four videos talks about the importance of learning to see and appreciate the beauty in simple things.

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