Show Flat at Mulund, Mumbai, by Zeel Architects

Show Flat at Mulund, by Nimish Shah – Zeel Architects

Show Flat at Mulund, by Nimish Shah, is an interior design project which a perfect example of a beautiful amalgamation of modern and neoclassical design.
Show Flat at Mulund, Mumbai, by Zeel Architects

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Show Flat at Mulund, by Nimish Shah – Zeel Architects 1

The client wanted us to design a show flat of a small 1 BHK apartment situated in Mulund.

Being a small flat, we had to change our style from modern to neoclassical to give a spacious look to this small flat of 440 sqft area. While changing the style we did not compromise on our colour palette and the results are amazing as what we expected. All loose furniture from the sofa, t.v. unit to the dining table and everything was customized by us and got made on site.

We selected a colour palette of yellow, dark brown and wine shade to give a warm look which gives energy within the room itself.

Tiny pockets were created for displaying the artefacts in the bedroom, thus nullifying the offsets of structural elements.

Wardrobe shutters are made in glass and bed back is designed incorporating a mirror panelling, hence, its reflection gives the bedroom a more spacious feeling

Project name: 1BHK Show flat at Mulund
Size (area):  440 sqft
Location/ Place: Mumbai, India
Cost: Approx. Rs. 18 Lakhs

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