Madhav Joshi and Associates

Madhav Joshi completed his undergraduate from BKPS College of Architecture and is an Urban Planner from IIT Kharagpur.
Madhav Joshi and Associates (MJA) is reputed for its unique architectural portfolio rich with projects of different scales and types ranging from hotels to high-end residences, housing , IT and corporate offices to institutional campuses. The firm also undertakes master-planning and urban design projects.
MJA’s studio in Pune is a hub of architectural creativity, designing projects that explore new frontiers of contextual Modernism as a consciously adopted approach rather than a style. The studio’s journey from a small team to a multidisciplinary office is a study in the evolution of a consistent and restrained architecture and practice. This is an architecture that is austere in expression yet rich in experience, straightforward in approach yet profound in meaning and international in spirit yet rooted in its context.
Madhav Joshi has won many awards for his work, the most notable ones being the JK Cement Green Architecture Award 2010 and the JK Cement Architect of the Year Award 2011.
Address94, P B Bhave Rd, Mayur Colony, Kothrud, Pune, Maharashtra 411038
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Backpackers' Hostel Panchgani, Madhav Joshi and Associates

Zostel at Panchgani, A backpackers’ hostel at Panchgani, by Madhav Joshi and Associates

Zostel at Panchgani, the hostel for backpackers, designed by Madhav Joshi and Associates, is situated near a hill station Panchgani, the strawberry capital of India in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra. Design has evolved in response to the need of backpackers (18 to 40 years of age) for safe, comfortable and hygienic place to stay at a scenic location while traveling on a shoestring budget.

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The Hertiage School at Pune by Madhav Joshi and Associates

The Heritage School, at Pune, by Madhav Joshi and Associates

Hugging the rolling terrain of Talegaon near Pune sits the campus of the residential ‘Heritage School’ designed by Madhav Joshi and Associates. A low rise assembly of modular buildings planned as integrated residential, educational and amenity zones, the campus is an intimate weave of open and built spaces giving the young users a sense of place, containment, and security in the otherwise vast open surrounding landscape.

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Business Bay at Pune by Madhav Joshi and Associates

BUSINESS BAY at Pune by Madhav Joshi and Associates

As the city increasingly finds itself getting filled with buildings and falls short of public open space, the experience at Business Bay in Pune is a refreshing change. This is a rare project that gives back public space to the city, and that too a well-designed one. Conceived as a commercial venture with the second largest built- up commercial space in the city, this project should serve as an example of best intentions turned to reality using the best design sense.

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HPCC+CCCR at Pune by Madhav Joshi and Associates

HPCC + CCCR at Pune by Madhav Joshi and Associates

The high performance computer center (HPCC) and center for climate change research (CCCR) buildings located in Pashan Pune, were con­ceived to pioneer research on climate change and allied studies. The facility promotes the urgent need to build a critical mass of trained researchers to address the science related issues of climate change that are of particular relevance to India.

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