Airavat, Khopoli by reD Architects

The success of the architecture lies in the fact that every corner you turn, the drama of the house and the view that it captures changes and moves along with you. The structure is an ode to the beauty of the mountains that surround it.

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House on a Farm, Tamil Nadu, by Architecture_Interspace

House on a Farm is a vacation home designed by Architecture_Interspace in Tamil Nadu’s village, Kurumbagaram. The house’s design involves the use of materials evoking the simplicity of rural life. The design philosophy is a mix of rustic themes based on the idea of living with nature and contemporary finishes to enable comfortable work-from-home weekends.

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Studio Lotus - Stacked House, Delhi

Stacked Courtyard House, New Delhi, by Studio Lotus

Designed for a family of six, the project constitutes of two interconnected duplex apartments. Daylight, ventilation, interconnectedness and privacy inform the design of this house by Studio Lotus in a dense part of the Panchsheel Enclave neighbourhood in Delhi..

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Unbox Design Off Grid House

Off Grid House at Delhi, by UnBox. Design

The house is designed to comfortably accommodate three families over 4 floors, 2 single level homes and a duplex, with careful consideration given to climatic conditions and comfort factors. Its form is generated as a response to the site, its orientation, the client requirements to build to the maximum permissible envelope of the site and the local building bye-laws.

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Perched on the edge of a mountain, ‘The Ledge’, designed by WALLMAKERS, is a residence in Peeremedu that is designed based on a dream sequence to walk to the edge of a ridge.

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Designed by WALLMAKERS, Shikhara is set against one of the silent hilltops of Trivandrum, the site was located at the highest point in that particular part of the wood, set into the lovely hilltop

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House with Different Roofs - RC Architects

House with Different Roofs in Gadhinglaj, Kolhapur by RC Architects

House with Different Roofs in Gadhinglaj, Kolhapur by RC Architects – The Vision of the project was to ensure maximum availability of natural light and entilation to the house without disrupting the privacy of its inhabitants. To also minimise dependence on artificial resources for ventilation and create spaces that serve more than one user group and more than one activity.

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House in Assagao by Field Atelier

AHouse in Assagao, Goa, by Field Atelier

House in Assagao, Goa, by Field Atelier ~ Although the house is designed to accommodate utilitarian function, the spaces are not bound by it. The two courtyards in the living room tell the time of the day and the season of the year. The house does not seek to keep the rain away but gently lets it in. 

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