Architecture Education

Finished Architecture Education? – Now do whatever you always wanted to do.

On Architecture Education: Let your degree in architecture alone not define your life. There is much you can do with your B.Arch Degree and it's okay, if you decide to not pursue the architecture profession at all.
Architecture Education

Finished your architecture education? It’s okay if you don’t pursue the profession. There are chances that you got into architecture without your own interest. Reasons could be many,

May be because,

  • Your parents thought it was “cool” to become an architect
  • Many of your friends were opting for it, so you did too..
  • You didn’t make it to the course of your choice
  • You thought, it was only about arts and crafts and beautiful sketching..

Reasons could be many other. May be you WERE interested in the course, but, lost your interest during the course? There would be many students who opt out of architecture education, because they realise that the course wasn’t for them, and some for personal reasons. But, a larger number would still continue to pursue the course, just for the sake of finishing it..and having a degree.

Fortunately, architecture curriculum is so well designed and vast, that it covers many aspects of design, opening up plethora of possibilities to pursue career in other creative fields. Photography, sketching, journalism, music, art, graphic design, animation are some of them.

Coming back to the point. You’ve a degree. You should be happy. Your parents must be relieved that you have attained a milestone. Your friends, your distant relatives must be happy over this “success”. But wait, the interesting part of the journey starts now. It’s called survival. Remember, it is not necessary to pursue architecture, just because you’ve a degree.

Following are some examples of famous people from India, who after completing architecture course, went on to pursue their real interest. You know more names? Please share.

Architecture Education
And remember what cartoonist Saul Steinberg, who got his architecture degree from Milan, said,

The study of architecture is a marvelous training for anything but architecture. The frightening thought that what you draw may become a building makes for reasoned lines.”

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