An Architect Eats Samosa

ArchitectureLive! continues with Alimentative Architecture – The fifth in a series of articles by Architect-Poet-Calligrapher H Masud Taj interfacing architecture with food via geometry.

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THE MUMBAI COASTAL ROAD | The Architect’s Agency in Engaging With a Large-Scale Development Project in the City

Authored by Mrinalini Ghadiok, as a part of her academic study in May 2023, the essay discusses the Mumbai Coastal Road project and the role of architects in engaging with large-scale development projects in cities. She analyzes how architects can act as both professionals and citizens to influence projects through organized collectives while maintaining individual agency. She further examines different views on an architect’s responsibility to society and how their identity and work in commercial vs. critical practice impacts their ability to effect change.

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It’s Time for Urban Design

Harshad Bhatia emphasizes the importance of urban design in enhancing habitats by considering the interdependence between whole and parts over time and that there is no standardized definition of urban design.

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Beyond the Margins: Navigating Slum Redevelopment for the Urban Poor

The rapid increase in the population of urban poor and their dwellings in the organically grown neighborhoods, poses a significant challenge to the development of Indian cities and towns. The traditional approach to their rehabilitation involves ‘demolition’ of the existing slum and ‘reconstruction’ elsewhere. Considering this approach, the article seeks to raise the following questions: Do the residents inhabit the newly constructed cost-effective buildings which are devoid of any sense of home, their social network or employment opportunities? And does this ‘upgradation’ really stop the establishment of new slums in the future?

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Women as Catalyst for Change in Architectural Practices

Women constitute nearly half of the construction workforce in the country, and yet their role is overlooked. Through the exhibition ‘Samatva – Shaping the Built’ at the India Art, Architecture, and Design Biennale 2024, this article presents questions urging the architectural fraternity to support the feminist practices nurturing sensitive and able designers leading by example, with hopes that it becomes the industry norms.

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Mangalore | The Old Order of Changeth

As the dawn breaks over Mangalore, M. Gopakumar shares his poetic journey through its streets, where stately houses whisper tales of bygone eras, cricket fields harbor hidden delights, and the aroma of milky tea mingles with the essence of nostalgia.

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