Balkrishna V Doshi

Balkrishna V Doshi, among the world’s 50 greatest leaders, 2018

Padmashri Balkrishna V Doshi, who was named the Pritzker Laurette 2018 makes it to the list of 50 greatest leaders of 2018 - Announced by Fortune Magazine
Balkrishna V Doshi

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Indian Architect, Balkrishna V Doshi, who was named Pritzker Laurette for 2018, for his exemplary contribution to architecture has  been named among the annual list of world’s 50  greatest leaders by Fortune Magazine.

B.V.DoshiRead about his contribution to architecture HERE.

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B.V.Doshi passed away on January 24, 2023

B.V. Doshi: Master Builder, My Teacher

On January 24, 2023, one of India’s most renowned architects passed away. With the passing of B.V. Doshi at the age of 95, Indian Architecture witnessed the end of an era. This tribute by Doshi’s student and later contemporary, Bimal Patel, was first published in ‘The Indian Express’.

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