Place MayaPraxis - Bengaluru

Place MayaPraxis – Architect’s Office cum Home – Bengaluru

Architect’s Office cum Home by MayaPraxis: The earth excavated for the basement, piled up in the adjacent site, seemed to be telling us to make use of her. Make bricks from me and build yourself a wonderful place, and don’t dump me in some landfill far away – she seemed to be saying. And we made bricks from the earth, soaked them in the sun. These bricks were stronger than any brick we had used before. Its beautiful texture, color and size inspired us to tell a story about the brick in the architecture of the building.

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Mallya Aditi International School Pool House

Mallya Aditi International School Poolhouse at Bangalore by MayaPraxis

Mallya Aditi International School Poolhouse at Bangalore by MayaPraxis: The swimming pool structure, commissioned by the Mallya Aditi International School in its campus in Yelahanka, Bangalore, was conceptualised from the form of the swimming-diving body. Starting from this idea, the simple space and functions of the swimming pool were enclosed by an elegant structure, its materials chosen to support and span across concrete columns and steel roof. The 25mx 32 m wide pool structure was spanned using boat shaped trusses, supported at the ends by light steel brackets emerging from in between the two split concrete columns. The beauty of trusses was enhanced by skylights that extend along their length. From this basic requirement, the design brings art and engineering together by folding both into its intent.

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Forum Mall Foot Over Bridge-Bangalore - MayaPraxis

Foot over Bridge at Forum Mall, Bangalore by MayaPraxis

Foot over Bridge at Forum Mall, Bangalore by MayaPraxis: Footbridges give the pedestrian a safe crossover over busy vehicular streets. These simple engineered structures can become beautiful public sculptures that one can walk through where public good, art and engineering can come together. Near Forum mall in Bangalore, the footbridge is designed as an efficient tubular lattice inn steel with escalators for ease of movement. The design keeps a lightness of form and an engineered beauty of structure to make it a sculptural experience.

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