2A Continental Architectural Awards 2022: Inspiring Generations

2A magazine organizes the prestigious 2A Continental Architectural Awards (2ACAA). The 8th edition of 2ACAA Awards, first held in Istanbul, highlight and recognizes extraordinary projects that have the potential to stir exciting questions about modern architecture and design. Given the global nature of the 2A magazine, the 2A Continental Architectural Awards, and the international Architecture Community, participants from around the Earth get an opportunity to share and promote their architectural projects, which would otherwise go overlooked.

“Innovative Contextual Architecture in the Continents” – The Theme

2A Continental Architectural Awards is organized by committee of 2A Magazine under leadership of Ahmad Zohadi as head of Organizing Committee. It continues to stand out as a central module of Innovative Contextual Architecture. The program works extensively to work through the ambition to slay focus on the grand design projects and works steered by the world’s most innovative architects.

We set the spotlight on innovation, sustainability, and digitalization by applauding those doing their best to take architecture to greater heights of innovation. The Architecture Awards will take factors such as increased efficiency and innovation into account, helping to govern who deserves to be at the summit of their field, and helping to direct the architecture and design industry to the future.

Registration Opens: June 10th to July 31st 

To discover the greatest talent from around the world and determine who is setting trends with their architectural work and aesthetics, we decided to launch this competition. For the 8th edition of 2A Continental Architectural Awards and in the spirit of being at the vanguard of architectural conception, we invite you to participate in the battle to be the future of architecture. First round is free to participate, once qualified the participants requires to pay the fee for the second round.

1 Project €159

2 Projects €249

3 Projects €299

This year again, the 2ACAA is glad to announce that all architectural projects from around the world are cordially invited to participate in the prestigious and acclaimed 2A Continental Architectural Awards. If you like to present your work and get the appreciation it deserves, we are welcoming you to take part with your Architecture and Design projects. Unlike last two years this year it will be held offline with presence of Jury members at the Award Ceremony. 

The Jury and the Selection Process

Entries would be carefully assessed by a globally influential jury panel composed of well-known scholars, honoured professionals, recognized architects, creative design professionals, and knowledgeable entrepreneurs. Our esteemed judges would devote great care and attention to specifics of design and innovation while voting each entry:

  • Shahram Agaajani
  • Moon Hoon
  • Fabian Kahr
  • Agnes Koltay
  • Christiano Luchetti
  • Dr. Rasem Badran
  • Kourosh Salehi
  • Rajeev Kathpalia
  • Dr. Maha Salman

We are Welcoming you to Participate

The 8th edition of 2A Continental Architectural Awards invites the trendsetters, the innovators, the pioneers, the modernizers, and the leaders of architecture. We invite innovative architects and designers with a decent understanding of the global contemporary architecture, head-on – with incessant innovation, quality, and excellence. With this initiative, we aim to bring the best of such projects into the light to motivate the coming generation.

Things to remember:

Event’s Date: November 19th, 2022

Venue: Canadian University, Dubai 

Website: www.2aincorp.com

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