Studio Motley

Weekend Home in Bangalore, by Studio Motley

Weekend Home in Bangalore by Studio Motley – Weekend Home is a 4-bedroom residence in a gated community with a built-up area of 650 sqm, and has clearly delineated visitor and private areas. The plan is a simple configuration of rooms around a courtyard. This central open space contains a kund and a large shade tree which breathes life into the surrounding sheltered zones. The emphasis here is on creating an ‘outdoor room’ which connects the house to the landscape and also forms the centre, unifying the entire composition. 

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Centre of Excellence, Bengaluru, Competition Entry by Studio Motley | Council of Architecture, India

Studio Motley’s Competition entry for the Council of Architecture’s Centre of Excellence, Bengaluru envisioned the Centre as a place which is important and relevant not just to architects, but to the entire community. Through their design they instigate and encourage a culture of openness, multiplicity and adaptability and find ways for the profession to connect to the city and its inhabitants.

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