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Rahul Gore and Sonal Sancheti

Morale boosters and changing work trends – Rahul Gore, Sonal Sancheti, Opolis

Principal architects Rahul Gore and Sonal Sancheti from Opolis discuss the ideas which kept their team’s morale up during the lockdown, besides their learnings and experiences about the pandemic phase in 2020. They also share how the kind of project inquiries they recieved underwent changes in trends during the lockdown. With highlights such as occupation with studio research, retention of the core team, returning project inquiries and a relatively stable financial position, Opolis re-emerges out of the lockdown with their regular momentum.

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House at Panshet, Pune by Opolis Architects

House at Panshet, Pune, by _Opolis Architects

The project for a couple in their late 50’s is located in Panshet (outskirts of Pune) overlooking the Panshet and Varasgaon dams. The site is steeply contoured and access to the site is from the top with the view in the background. The house is located primarily at one level with only one guest room tucked below the living room verandah. – Opolis Architects

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