Anagram Architects

The design ethos of Anagram Architects—founded by Vaibhav and Madhav—lies in not knowing what shape their building will take.

Anagram Architects is an architectural design practice established by Vaibhav Dimri and Madhav Raman in New Delhi in 2001. The partners are graduate architects from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. The firm’s practice is diverse and encompasses public infrastructure planning, urban design, architecture, sceneography, broadcast design, furniture design and interior design.

Our young and dynamic firm has very rapidly garnered national and international acclaim for designs that span across the spectrum, from modest residences to large public infrastructure facilities. Through our work we attempt to enrich elemental modernity with intensive research into traditional as well as non-conventional practices, evolving culturally relevant, contextually responsive and resource efficient design solutions.

Anagram Architects have established their firm outside the box-like confines that urban grids demand in order to experiment with materials and geometries and script a new visual language each time. This approach to architecture has reaped the New Delhi-based architectural firm many national and international awards for design.

Ranging from public infrastructure planning, urban design, architecture, scenography, broadcast, furniture and interior design—the firm’s practice is diverse. The use of handmade construction techniques and humble materials is encouraged by the firm. The Kindred House and the Outré house make two of Anagram Architects’ most recent and unique projects.
Address: K110 Basmement Hauz Khas  Enclave New Delhi 110016

The Digit - Anagram Architects

The Digit, New Delhi by Anagram Architects

The approach of our design was to investigate the notion of identity (corporate, organisational and individual) and its urban projection.To this end, we explored, semiotically, the most common idiom of identity, the thumbprint. The shimmering, fluttering, red screen perforated with the company’s logo is an idiom for its “digital identity”.

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Outre House - Anangram

The Outré House – at New Delhi by Anagram Architects

OUTRÉ HOUSE attempts a rediscovery of the singular and distinctive, specifically, in the working of humble materials; on site and by hand. It attempts to do so by re­centring the umbilical bond between making and material. From bespoke concrete formwork and poured flooring to curved joinery and rhythmically notched masonry, the design releases its handmade construction from the shackles of the straight line, giving it flight. It, thus, allows crafted details to overlay each other and to swarm all over the design rather than be restricted merely to points of material intersection.

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