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Studio Sangath, Ahmedabad

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Studio SANGATH is a multidisciplinary design practice based in Ahmedabad lead by Sönke Hoof, a German architect and his partner Khushnu Panthaki Hoof. The focus of their practice has always been to create spaces through an integrated environmentally responsible approach. For them, sustainability is establishing a balance between environ­mental, economic and social relationships. They strive to create spaces that bring joy to people irrespective of the scale/typology of the built form. What makes their projects unique is their at­tention to modulation of light, way of living and heightening the significance of liminal spaces. Their work has been recognised and published in various books and magazines nationally and internationally.

Key works by Studio Sangath

Studio Sangath, Ahmedabad 1
Black Perch


Studio Sangath, Ahmedabad 3
079 Stories


Studio Sangath, Ahmedabad 5
Mehra Musings

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