Keeping up the momentum past the pandemic – Abin Chaudhuri, Abin Design Studio

Architect Abin Chaudhuri shares how his studio resumed soon after the severe lockdowns with the same vibrancy before the pandemic struck. Besides elaborating on his work processes, Abin asserts how work-from-home is never a good option in our industry. Furthermore, Abin shares some insightful learnings about work and life experienced by the team at Abin Design Studio, during the pandemic.

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Highlights from the discussion


Post 2013, we developed an understanding (about our processes), explorative ideas and fearlessness in terms of our attitude. It’s quite personal but we try to involve it in our process understanding. We always try to push our boundaries in terms of ideas, material explorations, and thinking about how democracy in terms of architecture can be laid down in the public.

It’s not necessary to hold salaries a little bit for the people. But financially we are quite strong. But still, this is a kind of sharing and caring. A lot of people around us have compromised their salaries, cars and other things. It was for them to understand that life is not easy. And you have to go through a little bit of a tough time as well. And, in a tough time, you understand your colleagues more. 

I think the idea of the apartment has become bigger. So, now it involves a lot of planning. And many people are really interested in villas. In Mumbai, Bangalore, Kochi and similar areas, the villa demand was there. But in Calcutta, it was not there. Everybody (generally) is looking for their personal villas.

At a personal level I feel the lockdown brought a bit of a depressing attitude. It hampered many people’s lives deeply. So, it definitely teaches some of the people to be grounded, and how with minimal things you can survive; and also being compassionate with others. Professionally…we sit in the middle of the studio and work together. So, we missed that kind of vibes in the studio. We have been working alone at home. So, I never ever imagine that it should again. If it happens again, we’ll be in a big disaster. I don’t believe in working from home in our industry.

-Abin Chaudhuri

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