Farzi Cafe Jaipur, rat[LAB] Interiors


Farzi Cafe Jaipur, rat[LAB] Interiors

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Farzi Cafe Jaipur, rat[LAB] Interiors

When local context meets a global vision and takes shape as one of the finest restaurant spaces in the country, we call this amalgamation ‘DIGITAL CRAFT’. Designers Sushant Verma and Anchal Chaudhary have contextualized this restaurant and its spatial experience in the heart of Jaipur City by fusing Heritage and Patterns of The Pink City with Computational Design and Digital Fabrication to bring this restaurant to life.

Emphasis is laid on symmetry, proportion and mathematics with the orderly arrangement of semicircular arches, hemispherical domes and hybrid vault systems – combining Groin Vaults & Rib Vaults. Sub-division of these geometries is intricately articulated as mathematical patterns that emerge and flow along pseudo-structural curves that divide the vaults and dome systems to create visual effects on the low-height ceilings.

Farzi Cafe Jaipur, rat[LAB] Interiors

Farzi Cafe Jaipur, rat[LAB] Interiors

The project is conceived to have a space with a strong essence of Jaipur’s heritage, translated parametrically through geometry and patterns created by using Digital Fabrication Techniques coupled with Local Craft. Aligning itself to the traditional Jaipur architecture, Farzi Café Jaipur has been designed to encapsulate the region’s essence with the use of identifiable arches, domes and vaults conventionally seen as a reminiscent feature. Computational Design Methods are adapted by rat[LAB]INTERIORS to use mathematics for algorithmically creating patterns that are articulated in the restaurant as 3D Relief Art through CNC Milling, 2D back-lit cut-outs in Façade and Interiors as well as Perforated Jaali Elements that surround the outdoor space. Differentiated triangles with filleted corners are scaling to form the surface treatment of Hybrid Vaults and Dome that exemplify a blend of local craftsmanship and laser cut geometries.


The restaurant is housed in Radisson City Center, Jaipur and was to be designed in an existing restaurant site with 80% retention of services such as HVAC Ducts, Bar Plumbing and Kitchen Services. A low ceiling height with large structural members also formed a major constraint in the project, which had to be overcome through strategic planning. Various zones are planned and separated spatially to create better circulation of people throughout the restaurant. The Bar Area, The Lounge and Fine Dining Areas are designed overlooking the step-down outdoor casual dining and the outdoor standing area.The Performance stage is tucked towards the end of the L – shaped restaurant for better acoustics and privacy of the guests seated at the bar. Visible from all angles and areas, this stage can accommodate the DJ and used for live performances, which is typical to Farzi Café evenings.

The Indoor restaurant accommodates 113 covers while 28 covers are in the outdoor patio. All seating is varied, ranging from high seating at the bar, comfortable dining chairs, banquette seating and chesterfield sofas. Outdoor cane furniture in the casual area next to the pizza oven also exemplifies the ‘café look’ of this 5000 sq.ft. restaurant.

Farzi Cafe Jaipur, rat[LAB] Interiors
Layout plan

The restaurant opens its doors from the Hotel Lobby and also directly from the Parking. The parametrically triangulated radial pattern, is replicated as subdivisions in the vaults and dome in the false ceiling. A blend of colours, patterns and soft materiality signifies the rich heritage of Jaipur.

Farzi Cafe Jaipur, rat[LAB] Interiors


2mm thick and 50mm wide profile in polished brass encapsulates the restaurant walls and columns, in continuation of the arches of the door design. Four double doors open in a four feet wide aisle towards the entrance of the restaurant, two steps up from the main parking level as this aisle is defined with a brass polished railing. The railing design complements the arches inside the restaurant.

Farzi Cafe Jaipur, rat[LAB] Interiors Farzi Cafe Jaipur, rat[LAB] InteriorsHandmade tiles, wooden flooring and Italian stone are used for the flooring to demarcate Fine dining and casual areas.

Signature style and installation-type elements by rat[LAB] INTERIORS have been used in the space as vault systems, tessellated dome, jaali patterns, chandelier elements and branding artwork. The bar can be seen with hanging crystal and bronze finished parametric drop elements with dimmable LED lights. The metal pipe light installation over the bar is parametrically designed with variable drop lengths that collectively form an arch-shaped double-curve vault.

Variable Lengths of half-inch diameter Metallic pipes are encased in a Tubular casing depicting designer’s articulation of the brand logo as protruding ‘F’. This forms the backdrop of the stage that lights up during live performances.

Farzi Cafe Jaipur, rat[LAB] Interiors

Project Credits:

Design & Conceptualization: rat[LAB]INTERIORS
Design Lead: Sushant Verma & Anchal Chaudhary
Project Team: Somya GuptaAdarsh Desai & Akash Clive

Site Area: 5000 sq.ft.

Location: Radisson City Center, Jaipur

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  1. Seriously, this is one of the best interior design I ever encountered with. Long halls with amazing and well optimized sitting arrangements attracts me the most. Thank you for sharing the views from the several angles that make it clear about the designs. Definitely, try this for my new cafe.

  2. Farzi Cafe in Jaipur is a hidden treasure! This place is a true gem and deserves a 5-star rating. The atmosphere is welcoming, and the staff is friendly and attentive. The food is absolutely fantastic, with a delightful fusion of traditional and contemporary flavors. Don’t miss their must-try “Farzi Dal Chawal.” The drinks are unique and the service is outstanding. For an extraordinary dining experience, Farzi Cafe is the place to be. You won’t be disappointed!

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