Architectural Criticism Competition Series

Architectural Criticism Competition Series is the second Initiative of Architectural Journalism Organization to spread awareness about this subject and sow the seeds of awareness to critique and appreciate Indian Architects and Architecture.

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Garli Village - Pappal Suneja and Associates

Garli Village- Remodelling for a Smart Society – Pappal Suneja and Associates

The Garli village, Kangra district is one of the first villages of India to have ‘heritage zone’ status. The village is the original homeland of Sood community. They showcased their opulence for by building monuments, villa & bungalows in their local village Garli. The structures in this village have a blend of many architectural styles with Indo-Saracenic as a predominate one. Most of the building in this village represents power & influence of Britishers who chose Shimla as their summer capital. – Pappal Suneja and Associates

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