THE MUMBAI COASTAL ROAD | The Architect’s Agency in Engaging With a Large-Scale Development Project in the City

Authored by Mrinalini Ghadiok, as a part of her academic study in May 2023, the essay discusses the Mumbai Coastal Road project and the role of architects in engaging with large-scale development projects in cities. She analyzes how architects can act as both professionals and citizens to influence projects through organized collectives while maintaining individual agency. She further examines different views on an architect’s responsibility to society and how their identity and work in commercial vs. critical practice impacts their ability to effect change.

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On Mithi and Mumbai.  Mrinalini Ghadiok talks about “What Does Mithi Want?” in her dissertation.

What Does the Mithi Want? – Academic Research by Mrinalini Ghadiok

Mrinalini Ghadiok, in her post-graduate dissertation titled “What Does the Mithi Want?”, suggests reframing questions to unlock novel solutions for the issues related to the Mithi River. By exploring alternative questions, she aims to shift the way we understand the river and its place in the discussion. The dissertation was a part of her Master of Arts in History and Critical Thinking programme from the Architectural Association School of Architecture in 2023.

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