Village Resort at Mysore, by B S Bhooshan

The Village: a resort hotel and spa, Mysore, by B.S.Bhooshan, BSB Architects

The place was christened as The Village before it was designed. The promoters wanted to showcase the romanticised goodness of the rural settlements to sell it to city dwellers and travellers. Albeit the name it was to contain all that it was an urban need and to provide for the comfort and luxuries of a city. This contradiction provided the basic theme to the architecture.

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Tungal Memorial School and PU University, B S Bhooshan

Tungal Memorial School and PU College, at Vijayapura, Karnataka, by B.S.Bhooshan, BSB Architects

This educational campus is being developed outside Bijapur on Ittingihal road around 8 kms from the centre of the city. The city is catching up in this predominantly grape growing area sitting in hard rock bed of Deccan trap. The Tungal Memorial Trust that is developing this Campus is looking for an exclusive school to nurture scientific talent. A high school from 6th to 10th leading to SSLC and a Science stream of 11 and 12 PUC, would be a predominantly residential campus that is being planned.

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