2A Architectural Awards

Announcing 2A continental Architectural Awards, 2019

2A Architectural Awards

The 2A Continental Architectural Awards have been organized and conceptualized by the 2A Magazine. Ahmad Zohadi – CEO and the editor in chief of the 2A Magazine is the mind behind 2ACAA. The first ever 2ACAA 2015 took place in Istanbul, Turkey. The theme of the event was, “The emergence of Contemporary Architecture in Asia”. 2ACAA 2019 is the 5th in the series. The 2ACAA for Asia-Oceania, Europe, Africa, South Central,and North America will be held at the Polytechnic University of Madrid on 18th October 2019. The theme of 2ACAA 2019 is “Innovative Contextual Architecture in the Continents”.

Announcing 2A continental Architectural Awards, 2019 1

2ACAA is that series of Architecture Awards that have been designed to recognize the significant Architectural contributions of various organizations and individuals worldwide. Inspite of being a multinational – global Architecture award, 2ACAA still preserves the essence of uniqueness among all the continents. It is indeed a prestigious and unique global opportunity for architects all across the world to enrich and expand their Architectural knowledge and vision through the profound, in-depth and fascinating exchange of ideas from different parts of the world influenced by multiple cultures, customs, traditions, beliefs, inventions, themes and experiences. These Architecture Awards is a forum that facilitates professional interaction among participants about the new endeavors of the architecture world, and it’s about exploration and discussion of the major accomplishments of the Architectural Arena.

  • These renowned series of Architecture Awards are presented under the following eight categories
  • Religion, Civic Transportation, and Community Based Projects
  • Interior Architecture
  • Future Projects/Innovative Designs
  • Commercial (Retail & Wholesale ,Office & Business, Production)
  • Old and New (Regeneration, Restoration, Renovation, Reuse,and Adaptation)
  • Residential
  • Rural Projects, Public Spaces (including squares and streets) and Landscapes, Urban Projects
  • Public (Sport & Leisure, Education, Health, Mixed-use, Hospitability)

The entry for 2ACAA 2019 will be opening on 15th of May 2019 and will close on 30th June 2019 at 4PM CET. Professionals across the globe can submit their completed buildings and future projects across multiple categories in each continent

Here is the list of the prestigious Jury Members.
Elke Delugan Meissi
Areti Markopoulou
Chitra . K. Vishwanath
R. Shane Williamson
Francisco Burgos
Benjamin Iborra Wicksteed

Announcing 2A continental Architectural Awards, 2019 3

It is an excellent forum to share and discuss ideas about different cultures, social evolutions, social ethics, education, environmental ethics, innovation, observation learning, and architecture. These Architecture Awards are a lecture based social platform that is perfect for discussing views, approach,and style of promising architects from multiple continents.

2ACAA is very objective based and carefully organized architecture awards. Apart from being an excellent opportunity to interact with the eminent professionals from the architecture arena and tremendously sharpen your skills, it is also a distinguishing opportunity to benefit from global media coverage, expand your market and attract potential clients worldwide.
2ACAA aims at giving professional architects worldwide a fresh perspective towards art and architecture. These architecture awards strive to act as a bridge between the different architectural school of thoughts to dramatically transform the architectural sphere through the implementation of projects that truly and profoundly reflect futuristic ideas, technology advancement,and cultural backgrounds. It aims at bringing about positive and futuristic changes to the architecture world.

What differentiates 2ACAA massively from its previous endeavors is the fact that this time it’s covering a significantly larger number of continents such as Asia-Oceania, North America, South,and Central America, Africa,and Europe. The good news in 2019 is that all tremendous architectural enthusiasts who were waiting for a 2ACAA to expand its belt and cover their continents can now submit their entries. There being no entry fees (except for the nominal printing fees when selected for the second round) gives the entrant chance to send in multiple entries. When selected the entrant gets the opportunity to interact with practitioners from various corners of the world. Such interactions are beneficial in creating a network of collaborations and learning from experience.

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