September 2, 2022

Residence 1065, Chandigarh, by Charged Voids

Located in the Corbusian city of Chandigarh, Residence 1065 by Charged Voids is an embodiment of the Congrès Internationaux d’Architecture Moderne, or the CIAM’s principles of modern architecture. Using an open plan and facades that appear to float, the home is designed for a multi-generational family and attempts to fuse traditional spatial planning with modern aesthetics.

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Vallabh Bhawan, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, by CP Kukreja Architects

Designed by CP Kukreja Architects, Vallabh Bhawan is the State Secretariat of Madhya Pradesh, located atop Arera Hill in Bhopal. The existing context reflects an amalgamation of modern architecture in the buildings of the Secretariat and traditional char bagh style landscaped gardens commonly seen during the time of the nawabs of Madhya Pradesh.

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