VMA Office at Bengaluru by Interface Architects

VMA Office at Bengaluru by Interface Architects

The brief of the project was to come up with an office space design in a compact site of 1260 Sft. The client loaded us with requirements which were much more than expected & design to be more creative.
VMA Office at Bengaluru by Interface Architects

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VMA Office at Bengaluru by Interface Architects

Site :

Trapezoidal in shape measuring 1260 Sq.ft. with existing buildings around & having only 20 feet frontage road facing. Site is oriented diagonally to North. So the building faces the direct west sun. ( climatic aspect )

VMA Office at Bengaluru by Interface Architects

The brief of the project was to come up with an office space design in a compact site of 1260 Sft. The client loaded us with requirements which were much more than expected & design to be more creative.

The main design challenge was to deal with the direct West sun on the building . Had to be designed climatic friendly. Yet the road view with greens not to be compromised with having only 20 feet. frontage road facing. Other aspect was the requirements to be fit in a compact site.

The whole design is worked in a contemporary design thought with reference of context & climate.

Requirements by client as below :

  1. Conference rooms – 2nos
  2. Advocate personal cabins – 2 nos
  3. Work spaces – as per hierarchy ( 12 -15prsns)
  4. Store
  5. Filing rooms
  6. A small studio room with pantry & dining space
  7. Parking
  8. Lift
  9. A small landscape terrace.
  10. Library

With above requirements the entire design had to be worked in a smarter & creative way.

Design .

The Office is designed with a thought of split levels spaces complementing better physical and visual connection between the work spaces . The public spaces are positioned facing the road & the private spaces are positioned towards the rear side so to visually connect the private space & the road across the public zone.

To achieve the above criteria , the public & private spaces are positioned in split levels by lifting up the parking area roof by + 8’6” from the road level to have a low roof which functionally works. The ground floor houses parking , lift & one conference room . One enters the office by a metal stairs at + 8’6” – LEVEL 01 which has a reception , waiting lounge with an open library with a view of the road. The filing room, part work spaces & Advocate Cabin no 1 happens at another +2’6” lvl from waiting lounge. This split spaces connects visually between the cabins & the waiting lounge.

In the next level, – LEVEL 02 another part of work spaces sits above the waiting lounge / library ( ie. +8’0” from cabin level.) – REFER CROSS SECTION. & the Advocate cabin no. 2 & conference no. 2 are above cabin 01 & filing room .

LEVEL 03 is split into 2 spaces. The first half is the landscaped terrace & the second part houses a small studio room with a pantry , store & a dining space.

The Facade:

VMA Office at Bengaluru by Interface Architects

All the levels are reachable by a lift & a metal staircase at the center core . ( EW orientation )

The façade is worked out keeping climatic aspects in mind . ie the harsh west sun. The entire floor height of 10 ft of both level 01 & 02 is opened out towards the road view with a sliding window , but with intermediate planters boxes ( screen wall ) . These planters act as a buffer between inside / outside avoiding or cutting the direct west sun light entering the Waiting lounge & the work spaces in respective floors. It also compliments the view from inner work spaces thus making an soothing environment inside. Yet the road with greens view is achieved.

VMA Office at Bengaluru by Interface Architects

These planters compliment to the façade towards making it a green facade . The entire built form is worked out with minimal colors & materials . Built form concept is , the rear side of Level 01 form continues & ends up to a double level façade ( lvl 01& 02) on the front side with angled wall form.

The brick cladding is done meticulously in order to emphasize the angular planer surfaces & to complete the over built form.







Skylights :

The inner spaces are lit by couple of skylights bringing in natural light. The southwest corner of the building which houses Advocate cabins 01 & 02 at level 01 & 02 respectively witnesses part of natural light from the ceilings. This is achieved by angled room walls at both the levels. (Refer image below)

The ground level conference room also has a skylight brining in North light.

VMA Office at Bengaluru by Interface Architects



Project Facts
Project Name: VMA Office
Location: Bengaluru
Name of firm: Interface Architects
Category: Offices
Project Status: Completed
Principle Architects: Vijay V. Raikar , Ghanasham C. Shaldar , Premanand Shetty
Client: Vishwanath & Manasa Advocates.
Site Area : 1260 Sft ( Trapezoidal shape )
Total Built up Area – 3500 Sft
Project Details: Office building for an Advocate couple.
Work scope : architecture + Interiors

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