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Thought Parallels Architecture, Kerala


The urge to be relevant, an absence of a monotonous style, and attention to detail in design define the ‘thought parallels’ design ethos.

‘Thought parallels’ is built on its individuality. It is not a colossal practice, but a boutique firm with the ability to be innovative and equipped to design and supervise construction anywhere in the world. Thought parallels architecture is noted for discerning and humane design, ranging from modest to large houses, boutique hotels, art galleries, experience centres and commercial, religious and corporate buildings. There is a deep commitment to an active collaboration with our clients, emphasizing thorough research and analysis of each situation’s particular human, technical, and economic circumstances. The result is an architecture that resonates within its context and time. We view sustainable design as the right thing to do ethically, but also as an opportunity to make a richer, more powerful architecture.

The Team

Since 2000 our founding principal architect, Nikhil Mohan has been actively practising architecture nationally and internationally with various firms before starting ‘thought parallels’. Shabna Nikhil, Our Creative Director has worked on projects both in India and Dubai. She joined as a partner at ’thought parallels’ in 2014 and is instrumental in bringing a dynamic outlook to the practice. Her philosophy of blurring the boundaries between architecture, interiors and landscape initiated a new design direction. Shabna has also formed a brand called ‘Therefore’ which enables her to expand her practice in product design, furniture design and experimental projects.

Key works by Thought Parallels Architecture

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