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Craft Narrative, Pune

Library Pod, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, by Craft Narrative


We’re Craft Narrative, a family of curious and passionate young architects who believe designing is a process of art which reflects our challenges, and we put our best foot into making this approach our reality. We believe architecture is beyond space-making, and it is our responsibility as conscious architects to shape a harmonious environment.

We seek inspiration from our surroundings, experiencing native architecture and absorbing art. These intangible experiences introduce abstractness in our work. Our approach towards design has always been intuitive, with a deep understanding of context, climate & root of the challenge. We are constantly trying to achieve a balance between redefining aesthetics and pursuing rooted aesthetics.  

We rivet around basic questions and attempt to answer those as solutions in our design. This narrative amplifies the meaning of abstract and helps projects flourish. We enjoy working for people without the intention to approach us- adding meaning with kindness & self-discovery remains core to our practice.

We associate our studio as a think tank, a place for all art forms, a niche to nourish and a groove for seekers. Our intention remains to ask the right questions. We explore prospects, learn & grow together with a broader perception to explore the craft of architecture through our narrative.

The Team

Craft Narrative was established in December 2019 by Vijay Kharade and Yatindra Patil. The former completed his graduation from MMCOA, Pune, and the latter graduated from D.Y.P.C.O.A., Pune. Prior to establishing Craft Narrative, Yatindra worked with Mindspace architects in Bangalore, while Vijay worked with Ar Ram Paradkar.

Key works by Craft Narrative

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