Salil Ranadive

Manas Lake Development, Salil Ranadive Arhcitects

Manas Lake Developement, Pune, by Salil Ranadive Architects

This Satellite Development consisting of over 3000 Apartments – of various sizes and configurations built amidst a multitude of Green Spaces, Parks, Centres of Recreation & Art, Shopping and Junior Schooling – offer a Life-Style opportunity that engages with the ongoing discourse of the transformations of India’s urban edges and hinterlands.

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Songbird at Bhugaon, Pune, by Salail Ranadive Architects

SONGBIRD, at Bhugaon Pune, by Salil Ranadive Architects, Mumbai

The historical city of Pune is today a booming manufacturing & services hub – with a rapidly growing population of young professionals thronging to the city The project – at the foot of a verdant hill edged by a stream, focuses upon striking a very sensitive and sustainable balance between 2000 families..

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