Residential Segregation and Unequal Access to Local Public Services in India | A Study by Economists and Academicians

Residential Segregation and Inequality | A Study Reveals Stark Disparity in Public Service Accessibility Between Segregated and Integrated Neighborhoods

A group of Economists and Academicians have studied 1.5 million segregated neighbourhoods in India, primarily comprising Muslims or Scheduled Castes. The paper has brought to light Residential Segregation and the Disparity in access to Public Services between segregated (Muslims or Scheduled Castes) and integrated neighbourhoods.

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Jaffer Khan - Research- Bindu and Mandala

Research – Application of Bindu and Mandala as a model for Cultural and Sacred Architecture

This paper examines the concept of Vastu Purusha through “bindu” and “mandala” which have been the primary form generators in the architecture of several Asian cultures and particularly in India. Through literary resources this paper examines the ability of Sri Yantra to unpack itself into various progressive spatial geometries that have inherent relationships which attain its final form as the “mandala”, which is also known as the “mask of God through which eternity is to be achieved.” The “mandala” is the Hindu cosmic model through which the Buddhist cosmic thinking is evolved. The first part of this paper discusses about the mandala model and its systematic structure which inspires in constructing spatial systems that build architectural spaces. The pioneering practice for three decades in architecture forms the basis of practice based research methodology. This will examine the real time architectural projects that demonstrate how the various elements of nature that manifests within the mandala and the geometries help generate an ephemeral form as a symbol of spirituality and awakening of consciousness. The objective of this paper is to present the work on a “Peace Museum” project in Srilanka which bridges the spiritual philosophy of Hindu-Buddhist culture, where the mandala evolves a paradigm for a contemporary architectural thought associated with the sacredness of built spaces.

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