H Masud Taj

An Architect Eats Chapati

ArchitectureLive! continues with Alimentative Architecture – The third in a series of articles, An Architect Eats Chapati, by Architect-Poet-Calligrapher H Masud Taj interfaces architecture with food via geometry.

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Architect Eats Vada Pav

An Architect Eats Vada Pav

ArchitectureLive! celebrates UN World Food Day with Alimentative Architecture – The second in a series of articles by Architect-Poet-Calligrapher H Masud Taj interfacing architecture with food via geometry.

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Eagle Flask - Queen - H Masud Taj

The Queen & I | H Masud Taj

‘The Queen and I’ is the author, H Masud Taj’s, recollection of his (in Canada) and his family’s (in Moradabad) encounters with two Queens of British Monarchy. The architect’s essay journeys from his childhood home in Moradabad,  the design he did for Eagle Vacuum Flask in Mumbai, the calligraphic long-poem permanent installation he designed for the Consulate General of Canada in Bengaluru and the induction of his book in the Library of Parliament in Ottawa, Canada.

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An Infinity of Traces | Charles Correa, by H. Masud Taj

This article was part of the published book- Icons, a tribute to Independent India’s sixty years and 20 greatest living personalities who set exemplary examples for the nation. The book’s editor Anil Dharker found H. Masud Taj’s essay on Charles Correa and the journey of post-independence architecture “erudite, readable, provocative and comprehensive.

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