Prof. B. K. Sengupta

Prof. Harimohan Pillai remembers his favourite teachers on Teacher’s Day

Prof. B. K. Sengupta

Today we remember our teachers, who have not only shaped our careers, but lives also. Teachers dedicate themselves selflessly to make students’ dreams come true.

Prof. Harimohan Pillai, who is an architect and a teacher himself, pays a sketchy tribute to his favourite teachers and remembers how they helped him become what he is today.

Prof. B. K. Sengupta
Prof. B. K. Sengupta – From B.Arch. 1979 to Ph.D. 2010 and thereafter, my friend philosopher guide, happily accommodating me under your vast social umbrella…
Prof. B.V. Doshi
Prof. B.V. Doshi – The only one hour long personal lecture you gave me on your construction site at Amrita Shergill Marg, New Delhi in 1980, first firing me for not keeping my eyes open, then holding me by my shoulder and teaching me how to keep eyes open on the site…
Prof. B.K. Bindumadhav
Prof. B.K. Bindumadhav – Your one liner jokes apart, you helped me unlearn, to learn professional practice as a trainee under you in 1978 at C & T Bangalore…
Prof. Siddharth Datta
Prof. Siddharth Datta – Just because I sketch you lured me into architecture from chemical engineering in 1973… I never looked back.
Prof. R. L. Muni Chakraborty
Prof. R. L. Muni Chakraborty – Arrey bhai, along with sketching skills you need only a good signature to be a successful architect…with these words you egged me on to forget chemical engineering…

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