NBCC invites tenders from Architects – CoA Objects

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The Council of Architecture, India, the apex body constituted by Government of India under the Architects Act 1972, entrusted with the powers of regulating quality of architectural education and architectural practice has strongly objected to the NBCC’s process of appointing architects and inviting tenders for architectural services. NBCC recently invited tenders from architects for providing comprehensive architectural services for redevelopment of Pragati Maidan Complex into Integrated Exhibition cum Convention Centre on behalf of ITPO. The link to NIT is HERE.

(Also, it must be noted that many people, not limited to only architects, have shown unhappiness towards government’s decision to demolish Hall of Nations Complex. Read this Post for more details.)

In its letter to NBCC, CoA has emphasised upon the pressures put on architects to violate the codes of professional conduct, as detailed out in the Architects Act, 1972. In addition to architects being asked to, submit tenders and pay EMD, NBCC has also made Engineering Consultants eligible to provide architectural services , and, has allowed companies to act as architects. All of which is prohibited by Architects Act 1972. 

Below are the copies of the letter sent to NBCC by Council of Architecture, India.


CoA letter to NBCC
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CoA letter to NBCC
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CoA letter to NBCC
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CoA letter to NBCC
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CoA letter to NBCC
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